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World Kobudo Centre of Excellence

Club name: World Kobudo Centre of Excellence

MAR member since 18/05/2004.

World Kobudo Centre of Excellence specialises in the following arts and styles:

Ju Jitsu (World Kobudo)
Kung Fu (Sport)
Tae Kwon-do 

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Club contact details:

64 Greenway Road

Contact name: Renshi Hughes
Contact telephone: 01928 590017
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Little Dragons (age 4-6)
Wed 6.15-7.15 - Fri 6.15-7.15 - Sun 11-12
Junior Ju-Jitsu (age 7-12)
Wed 6.15-7.45 - Fri 6.15-7.45 - Sun 12-1.30
Adult Ju-Jitsu (age 13+)
Wed 7.45-9.15 - Sun 1.45-3.15
Kobu-Jitsu (Wpns - age13+)
Sun 3.30-5.00

Sport Kung-Fu (age 6+) ~ Sat 4-5.30
Muay Thai (age 6+) ~ Mon 8-9.30
TaeKwonDo (age 4+) ~ Thur 6-7

Full time martial arts academy with training office and retail outlet. Large matted floor space, wooden sprung floor, mirrored walls, punch/kick bags, kendo armour, training weapons along with excellent changing facilities.
Academy offers training in a number of martial arts and self defence systems. Classes are open to students from the age of 4 upwards.


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