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Kobujitsu International

Club name: Kobujitsu International

MAR member since 29/12/2018.

Kobujitsu International specialises in the following arts and styles:

BuJutsu (Kobujitsu)

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Storrington Village Hall
High Street
West Sussex
RH20 4FW

Contact name: Adrian Hughes
Contact telephone: 07504 824274
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Over 10s Only

Mondays - 6.30pm - 8.00pm  technical and practical training experience

Classes cover teaching. fitness, grappling, restraint, pad and shield work and kata

From Brown belt+ syllabus has been extended to include Knife defence, Baton/Stick, Tonfa, Gun defence, defensive knife and Bokken 

We offer a 2 class 'no obligation free taster', pay per class option and discounted direct transfer, capped monthly training subs for unlimited training and family discounts so there is really no excuse to chase your New year promises now!

Kobujitsu is the combined name of twenty six ceding martial art styles that form the 1300 technique underpin to the system. divided into 18 belts ranks, 8 Kyu below black, 10 Dans above Kobujitsu covers stand up and groundfighting from an optimal perspective.

Kobujitsu is not a sport competition system, it is designed to be extremely effective with use of gouging and pressure points, face down restraint and technical locks and chokes. 

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