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Kobujitsu International

Club name: Kobujitsu International

MAR member since 29/12/2018.

Kobujitsu International specialises in the following arts and styles:

BuJutsu (Kobujitsu)

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Angmering Community Centre
Foxwood Drive
Bramley Green
West Sussex
BN16 4AY

Contact name: Adrian Hughes
Contact telephone: 07504 824274
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Over 10s only
Tuesday - 6,30pm - 8pm - technical training 
Friday -    6pm - 7,30pm  - physical application training

Both classes include elements of teaching, fitness, stamina, conditioning, pad, shield and kata work

System also includes for Brown Belts+, Knife defence, Baton/Stick, Tonfa, Gun defence, Bokken, however offensive use of weapons is restricted to over 16s.

We offer two free classes as a 'no obligation taster'; a pay per class option, monthly direct transfer facility  and subs are capped for unlimited training. We also offer family discounts so there is no excuse for kick starting your New year promises now! 

Kobujitsu is all about simple honest and effective martial arts.

We spent eight years studying the optimal techniques and responses from twenty six martial art styles to build the most all round effective system to handle street conflict. We give our students confidence and situation practice and experience to hone their skills.

With our unique design to the system we can bring complex techniques to junior ranks and simplify the belt system. With a syllabus covering over 1300 techniques, Kobujitsu is not a turn up and learn art, it is practical, testing and develops a strong personality in our students.

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