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combat jiu jitsu

Club name: combat jiu jitsu

MAR member since 08/06/2018.

combat jiu jitsu specialises in the following arts and styles:

Ju Jitsu (mma style training)
Kickboxing (freestyle)

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wood lane sports centre
wood lane

Contact name: john mackinnon
Contact telephone: 07519839442
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john mackinnon began training in 1973 a very religious child bullied and beaten until he was beaten so bad he was left for dead at the age of 13 in londons east end he was blind for 2 days until his vision came back the first thing he saw was a trailer for enter the dragon so he put down the bible and picked up the gi,..john threw himself in the deep end and began competing and winning in karate then kickboxing then in 1989 combined kickboxing throws and grappling,,he then became a royal green jacket,a doorman and a bodyguard with years of combat behind him he has taught doorman,military,and bodyguards,,if your looking for reality not fantasy then look no further,,black belt 1st dan Shotokan karate,bkbu kickboxing instructor,black belt 7th dan ju jitsu,,,1997 national grappling winner,,,john has trained ,students to british champions,and hes students have cage fighting championships and cage warriors ,,johns memberships and history  thames karate,east London ju jitsu,world ju jitsu federation,british ju jitsu association,british martial arts association,world kobudo federation,martial arts all styles ,sports council.british kickboxing union,,martial arts and fitness coach uk,,private lessons available,,

john was 1997 selected british team coach for british ju jitsu team squad,also john did the first ever uk interview on ufc legend Royce gracie  also went sightseeing with Royce grappled Royce and lost lol ,Royce also turned up at johns club and taught the class,, 


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