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Cross Krav Maga

Club name: Cross Krav Maga

MAR member since 09/09/2016.

Cross Krav Maga specialises in the following arts and styles:

Krav Maga (Cross Krav Maga)

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The Snakepit Gym
hut 4 Tilgate park recreation centre,
West Sussex
RH11 9BQ

Contact name: Keith Collyer
Contact telephone: 07751 843751
Contact email:

It is a self-defencesurvivalsystem that is based on Krav Maga that is designed to encourage the individual to use what works for them. 

We are all different in our size, strength, speed, agility and perceptions - Cross Krav Maga is designed to help even the odds between you and your attacker, it teaches key survival skills and how to react when attacked, it will rapidly develop an awareness of what self defence works and what doesn’t.


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