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Bujinkan Newport Pagnell, Ongyo Dojo

Club name: Bujinkan Newport Pagnell, Ongyo Dojo

MAR member since 31/08/2016.

Bujinkan Newport Pagnell, Ongyo Dojo specialises in the following arts and styles:

Taijutsu (Bujinkan)
Ninjutsu (Bujinkan)
Self Defence (Bujinkan)

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Newport Pagnell
Mk16 0DD

Contact name: ian jones
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Currently Open Mondays at 20:00 But if there is interest other evenings are Possible.

People of any size can benefit from this.
You do not have to be young and fit. 
Fitness is something you will work on in your own time with advice and support as required and this will enhance your life and your training.
Tai Jutsu is an art of movement, training concentrates on motion, timing and distance and the effective use of the body in all situations so it does not matter how strong or heavy or how small you may be.


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