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Worcester Martial Arts & Fitness

Club name: Worcester Martial Arts & Fitness

MAR member since 05/10/2015.

Worcester Martial Arts & Fitness specialises in the following arts and styles:

MMA Cross Training 
Street Defence 

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St Marks Church Hall
Orchard Street

Contact name: steven nettleford
Contact telephone: 07538926175
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We promise to keep all our classes fun,vibrant and different so you will never get bored and more importantly there is always something to learn. So whatever it is that you are looking for come along and try out our taster session and see what Worcester Martial Arts & Fitness has to offer.
Burn over 700 calories per class and experience what our members do, fantastic lessons that are family friendly yet challenging and engaging.
What we do
Our staff are trained to assist you in all aspects of your training, our instructors are trained in a number of martial arts for you to meet your goals.
Why choose W.M.F ?

Get fit
Gain confidence
Release stress
Friendly team
All levels welcome
Beginner programs
Family Martial Arts And Fitness
Official grading schemes
Pay as you go or Pay Monthly


Need help?
Just email us