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Realistic Self Defence Association

Club name: Realistic Self Defence Association

MAR member since 21/08/2003.

Realistic Self Defence Association specialises in the following arts and styles:

Street Defence (Combatives)
MMA Cross Training 
Kung Fu (Wing Chun)

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Club contact details:

The RSDA Academy
Woughton Leisure Complex
Rainbow Drive, Leadenhall
Milton Keynes

Contact name: Gary Payne
Contact telephone: 01908 508148
Contact fax: 01908 508148
Contact email:

Full Time Academy with classes held daily

The RSDA are recognised as being one of the leading authorities in close quarter combatives. An established group of over fifteen years, it's principle Gary Payne writes for many martial arts magazines such as Combat and Black belt U.K. The RSDA method is excellent for cross training as it incorporates kick-boxing, grappling, wing chun and many other combative material for individuals to train in. Equally, the RDSA provide specialised programmes in Control and restraint, close quarter combatives and many over variations of combat. These services are provided to the general public, Police, Prison and Army personell.


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