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Coatbridge Ju Jitsu Club

Club name: Coatbridge Ju Jitsu Club

MAR member since 29/06/2003.

Coatbridge Ju Jitsu Club specialises in the following arts and styles:

Ju Jitsu (Grappling/throwing/striking)
Weaponry (Kobudo)

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Club contact details:

Time Capsule , Monklands

Contact name: Sensei Frank Watson - Sensei Michael McDonald - webmaster Thomas Miller
Contact telephone: 07753 327507
Contact fax: 01698 321339
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Time Capsule Monklands : Sunday 5.30pm to 7.30pm Juniors 5.30pm to 6.30pm (Time Capsule only) Blantyre Sports Centre : Wed and Fri 7pm to 8pm

Founded 1990 by Sensei Frank Watson. We are a fully registered club with the WJJF. We teach traditional and modern techniques of Ju Jitsu and Kobudo(Weaponry), providing an effective solution to all aspects of self defence.


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