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Hung Kuen Shaolin Kung Fu

Club name: Hung Kuen Shaolin Kung Fu

MAR member since 21/05/2014.

Hung Kuen Shaolin Kung Fu specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kung Fu (Hung Kuen)

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Club contact details:

Milton Community Centre & Waterbeach's Tillage Hall
cb24 6bl

Contact name: Kaira
Contact telephone: 01223 864581
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We train ages 14+:

At: Milton Community Centre, Coles Road, Milton, CB24 6BL

At: Waterbeach's Tillage Hall, Car Dyke Road, Waterbeach, CB25 9NJ

We currently do not have a children's class but plan to start one in 2015, so if you're interested then keep an eye on our website for announcements!

Have fun, get fit, increase your confidence, strength and power!

Hung Kuen Shaolin Kung Fu is a martial art that has evolved throughout the years to combine traditional training techniques with modern self-defence. The style is based around 5 animals: tiger, leopard, snake, crane and dragon. Tiger and leopard are 'hard' styles, crane and snake are 'soft' and dragon is a balance of both hard and soft. Each has different focusses of speed, strength and power, and techniques that have taken inspiration from the fighting techniques of each animal.

All levels of experience are welcome, whether complete newbie or experienced in another martial art. Don't worry if you have two left feet (or hands) everybody has to start somewhere!


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