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Tian Shi

Club name: Tian Shi

MAR member since 14/05/2014.

Tian Shi specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kung Fu (Tian Shi Traditional Kung Fu)
Tai Chi (Yang & Lee)
Self Defence 
Sanshou Sanda 

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Unit 9 Park Road Estate
Park Road
WA14 5QH

Contact name: Kevin Chiorando Meredith
Contact telephone: 0161 973 6479
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10am - 9pm Monday to Saturday

Our Traditional school of Kung Fu & Wu Shu provides a very comprehensive syllabus that you can study in part or full. There are two considered groups of Kung Fu, they are internal & external styles.
Our system is classed as yin & yang system which incorporates the external & internal ......

The schools teaching is very fluent, safe & effective.

There are many schools teaching Kung Fu, but none that we have found who offer such a broad & historical presentation of traditional Kung Fu. Many Kung Fu schools only teach certain aspects of the whole art because unfortunately many of those styles branched off in their own directions choosing to focus on certain aspects, some more leg based, others more throwing based, others more Qi (Chi) based etc.

This traditional Kung Fu system incorporates stand up defence, ground defence, throws, locks, personal fitness, flexibility, pressure points, weapons (swords, sticks, silks, knives), breathing exercises, Qi Gong, Dao Yin, & Tai Chi Chaun.

Please note training is safe & all students are expected to train at levels suitable for you, this is indicated by a traditional kung fu belt system, so if you fancy getting fit & flexible while learning a traditional system pop along on Thursday eves.


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