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SISTERZ KICKBOXING ACADEMY LTD specialises in the following arts and styles:


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At The Misfitted Hub
71 Smallbrook Queensway
West Midlands
B5 4HX

Contact name: Selina mohammed
Contact telephone: 07862121011
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7:00PM-8:00PM WOMENS 16+ OVER 

Executive Director/ Founder of Sisterz Kickboxing Academy Ltd- Selina Mohammed
Qualified Martial Arts Instructor (2nd Degree Black Belt) 22 Years Experience
- Fully Qualified Instructor
- Cornerman/ Cut & Bruise Management (Kickboxing)
- Full DBS checked and cleared
- First Aid Qualified
- Full Indemnity and Public Liability Insured
-Personal Insurance
- Further Child & Adult protection

Selina Mohammed is the Executive Director and Founder of Sisterz Kickboxing Academy Ltd (SKA LTD). SKA LTD was founded in 2012 for the benefit of providing Professional Martial Arts Training for both Girls and Women in a safe, friendly and fun atmosphere along side other female students without training aside the male gender which the sport has mostly been seen as dominated by.

SKA LTD are proud to have changed all this stereotyping by ensuring Girls and Women get to participate in the sport and have opportunities to be just as successful in the sport as the male gender and help promote that Martial Arts is a sport for the female gender as well.

Selina started Martial Arts at the age of 7 years old at Sparky's Kickboxing School now known as USKA under the instruction of Neil Kelly, while training with Neil Selina passed her first two grades. At the age of 9 Selina then went on and joined E.C.K.A under the instruction of Anthony Brooks, while training with Anthony Selina continued her training and when she was just 14 years old achieved her 1st Degree Black Belt which she got just in time for the millennium.

Selina then with her instructor and fellow students then joined up with I.S.K.A. With more hard work and determination at the age of 17 years old Selina then achieved her 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Selina currently has 22 years experience in the sport and has taught many classes which vary from mixed classes, children only classes and women only. Selina is in charge of the day to day running of SKA LTD and ensures that all students are taught at a professional and high standard at all times. 

Selina has also been in various tournaments, demonstrations as well as newspaper articles for her achievements, she has also appeared on Central News with fellow students to promote a certain Martial Arts club. 

Selina's teaching skills has enabled her to build up a good reputation within the local Birmingham community and has had past students pass their examinations with high grades.

Selina's aim as an instructor is to get more females in to the sport especially the young by participating in a Sport which is most rewarding, beneficial and a skill for life.
   Selina says..." As a student once myself and mostly majority of the time training aside boys and men as a female it can be a bit uncomfortable especially when the male gender has been know to dominate the sport. By creating the company/club SKA LTD i am hoping to be making a change to all that, by providing Martial Arts training to Girls and Women in a female only environment. There is now a uprising of female classes coming to light but hardly any female instructors to teach, there by with SKA LTD you are guaranteed to have a female instructor who is not only qualified but understands the students needs and so forth. I hope that with SKA LTD it now provides girls and women to take on the sport and recognise that they also can become successful." 
Executive Director
Selina Mohammed


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