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Ling-Wood Kung Fu

Club name: Ling-Wood Kung Fu

MAR member since 16/03/2014.

Ling-Wood Kung Fu specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kung Fu 
Street Defence 
Self Defence 

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Unit 9 Navigation Park
Winsford Industrial Estate

Contact name: Steve Williams
Contact telephone: 01606596022
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On Saturday Mornings

From 8.00am to9.30am



Welcome it is a pleasure to be able to communicate with you. 

I hope your time is full of opportunities, prosperous and your training if not yet begun a beginner or a long standing student/teacher/trainer continues to reaches new heights and levels.

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to take lessons in any/all Martial Arts, Weapons, Street awareness and Self-Defense.

Our Classes are for children and adults - everyone is welcome

There is something for everyone regardless of ability.

We offer Kung Fu, Open classes, Closed classes, Personal tuition, Specialist and Corporate classes available, and can be tailored to requirements.

Training includes exercise, fitness, stretching, co-ordination, awareness, self-esteem, discipline, self-defence, balance, well-being and weapons.  Come to one of our classes or we can arrange to come to you.

It’s a way of life great fun and much more…

Information included on our posters

 Positive benefits include...

        Respect & Self-esteem

·       Self-Confidence

·       Focus & Awareness

·       Self-Discipline

·        Defense

 Mind- character building educational programme that teaches lasting values & builds self-esteem

 Body– aerobic physical fitness & self-defence training that develops co-ordination balance & strength


Kind regards

Steve Williams

SiGung - Director of Teaching/Learning/Training

Ling-Wood Kung Fu



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