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Penryn Karate Club

Club name: Penryn Karate Club

MAR member since 02/02/2014.

Penryn Karate Club specialises in the following arts and styles:

Karate (Sandokai)

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Kernow Kars Building
46 Kernick Road
TR10 9DQ

Contact name: Robin Whale
Contact telephone: 01209 842 595
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We have been teaching Karate in Cornwall since 1978 and Sandokai Karate has some of the most experienced and qualified instructors in the South West. All of our Instructors are fully Licensed, Insured and have Enhanced CRB/DBS as well as being First Aiders.

Your first lesson is free of charge, so you can see if Karate is for you without losing anything other than some time and a little bit of sweat! After that we ask you to pay a nominal fee of £3 for each session that you attend. 

We do not demand "joining fees", payment by direct debit or that you sign up for a set number of lessons. Nor do we insist that you buy a karate suit or other equipment on your first night.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing (e.g. t-shirt and tracksuit). We train in bare feet and ask that you remove and jewellery and/or sharp objects before the class begins.

Male and female, adults or children from age 8 are welcome at any time as are those with previous martial arts experience.

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