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Evolutionary Martial Systems

Club name: Evolutionary Martial Systems

MAR member since 09/03/2013.

Evolutionary Martial Systems specialises in the following arts and styles:

Jeet Kune Do (Bob Breen )

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Club contact details:

Hut 21, Tilgate Recreation Centre
West Sussex

Contact name: Marc Bateup
Contact telephone: 07971 839 093

Jason Gaule - Associate Level 1 Instructor under Bob Breen, Bob Breen close friend of Dan Inosanto

The system we teach at the Academy is a blend of Bob’s  forty plus years in Martial arts.

This Breen System comprises many of the aspects of  Bruce Lee’s Jun Fan Gun Fu and Filipino Kali empty hands in and kickboxing format blended with the best from Kali, Silat and Submission Wrestling.


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