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Dreams Kickboxing Academy

Club name: Dreams Kickboxing Academy

MAR member since 13/02/2012.

Dreams Kickboxing Academy specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kickboxing (full,light,semi and boxing)
Karate (freestyle korean tradi)
MMA Cross Training (ufc mma )
Tae Kwon-do (Street Defence)


Club contact details:


Contact name: Chris Green
Contact telephone: 07854069795
Contact email:

vist for times etc or call 07854069795

world class kickboxing taught by world class coaches from world kickboxing champion chris green gives you dreams kickboxing academy a new martial arts club that in its first year have placed 12 students into the england and gb martial arts teams and also have a anti bulliying program aimed for all ages dreams academy work alongside many schoools in the cambs and peterborough area helping people with confidence problems,ADHD,Autism and also pupils who have been not so good at school whilst after all that working alongside local police and doorstaff teaching them self defence a great club and a great insturctor team said emma willis from bb. and mma top dog alex reid said dreams academy helps people with there dreams and goes out there way to help people complete there goals


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