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Rob Locks Academy

Club name: Rob Locks Academy

MAR member since 15/01/2012.

Rob Locks Academy specialises in the following arts and styles:

MMA Cross Training (Mixed Martial Arts)
Karate (Sankukai)
Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)
Street Defence (KFM)

Web address:

Club contact details:

Unit 3 Cridden Estate
Dudley Road, Lye
Nr Stourbridge
West Midlands

Contact name: Rob Lock/ Lena Lock
Contact telephone: 01384 891474
Contact email:

Open Mon to Thurs 17.00-21.30

Sunday 09.30 - 13.30 

The Martial Arts will open the door to an exciting world of high quality values and a never-ending circle of learning and self-discovery. The Martial Arts have so much to offer everyone in developing both body and mind – this will be a journey of discovery for all involved as we begin to understand each others needs and priorities for personal development.

The key principles of the Martial Arts are summed up in the important values of – TRUST, RESPECT AND INTEGRITY – that embody the learning all instructors have gained from their extensive training. We look forward to working with everyone who wishes to share those values in common with us and to embark upon the journey of a lifetime.


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