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Freestyle Ju Jitsu

Club name: Freestyle Ju Jitsu

MAR member since 07/02/2003.

Freestyle Ju Jitsu specialises in the following arts and styles:

Ju Jitsu (Freestyle)
Weaponry (Kobudo)

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Club contact details:

Edgbarrow Sports

Contact name: Dave Baker
Contact telephone: 01252 879591
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Sunday 7:30 till 9:00 Ju Jitsu and 9:00 till 9:30 Weapons (Crowthorne) and Wednesday 7:30 till 9:30 Ju Jitsu at Salisbury

Freestyle Ju Jitsu has been going since 1990 and has 2 bases (Salisbury and Crowthorne)We train mainy in Ju Jitsu and we have a weapon syllabus that includes 10 weapons for a more detailed information pack e-mail leaving details or phone Dave.


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