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blackdragon blitzers

Club name: blackdragon blitzers

MAR member since 30/10/2010.

blackdragon blitzers specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kickboxing (freestyle)
Karate (wado ryu)

Web address:

Club contact details:

c/o 76 cherington

Contact name: Rita & Matt Ogden
Contact telephone: 07787526294
Contact email:

mondays    7.30 -8.30  St nicks church hall   Abbotswood Yate

tues  8.15-9.15  sat 10-11am  Yate Community Centre, StationRd Yate

wed  Little Dragons  6.30 -7.30  Yate Community Centre Station Rd Yate

thurs  8.00-9.30  Shireway CommCentre,Shire Way Yate   

Save fenior Instructors  Rita & Matt Ogden.  4th Dan Blackbelts  Kickboxing, 2nd Dan Blackbelts Karate

Both have 22 years of training experience each. Friendly but disciplined club. Matt has several World Championship titles, numerous european and british titles. We teach, katas, points, light continous and full contact fighting, self defence, weapons self defence. Learn martial arts  in a fun, friendly environement 


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