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Leigh Sinton Eskrima & JKD

Club name: Leigh Sinton Eskrima & JKD

MAR member since 26/10/2010.

Leigh Sinton Eskrima & JKD specialises in the following arts and styles:

Eskrima (Dacayana)
Jeet Kune Do 
Self Defence 

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Club contact details:

Malvern martial Arts Centre
Leigh Sinton

Contact name: Doug Levenets
Contact telephone: 07722019154
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Thursdays 8-9pm.

Located in Leigh Sinton on the A4103 near the junction with Clewer Croft,

next door to Leigh Sinton Chinese take-away.

This club is part of Malvern Eskrima Group:

Beginners and cross-trainers welcome.


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