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X-L Martial Arts

Club name: X-L Martial Arts

MAR member since 15/06/2010.

X-L Martial Arts specialises in the following arts and styles:

Ju Jitsu 
Krav Maga 

Web address:

Club contact details:

Hurst Road Community Centre
Hurst Road
West Midlands

Contact name: A.J. Fieldhouse
Contact telephone: 07932033390
Contact email:

Opening times:  Mondays & Thursdays - 7.00 until 9.00pm

Hurst Road Community Centre,

Hurst Road,

At the junction on Hurst Road & Norman Road

Traditional/ Modern system

Practical, effective self defence

Over 40 years experience

Come and join X-L martial arts. Have a good workout, learn some self defence, and feel good about yourself!!



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