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Shinko Aikido

Club name: Shinko Aikido

MAR member since 25/02/2010.

Shinko Aikido specialises in the following arts and styles:

Aikido (Aikikai)

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Pudsey Leisure Centre
West Yorkshire
LS28 9JB

Contact name: Mr A Scholefield
Contact telephone: 07515 162219
Contact fax: 0844 567 57 81
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Shinko Aikido is a brand new Aikido club foundered by 3 first rate students of Sensei Shane Riley 7th Dan, Head of the White Rose Aikikai.
We are honoured to have Sensei Riley's blessing to set up Shinko Aikido under the full direction of himself and the White Rose Aikido association. Together we will spread the 'white rose' style of Aikido throughout the West and North Yorkshire area's.
Carrying forward Riley Sensei's style, Shinko Aikido club train a very 'true to life' form. Many Aikido associations around the world emphasise the long flowing movement, big sweeping circles etc..At Shinko we believe that BASICS are very important, however the reasons for learning this truely effective martial art should not be overshadowed by excessive philosaphy and deep lectures. Aikido is one of the most complex martial arts in the world to learn, however once you reach a basic understanding you will find it very interesting and more importantly FUN to learn.

Shinko Aikido instructors have been sanctioned to teach Aikido as part of the white rose aikikai. This degree of trust and confidence does not come lightly from Sensei Shane Riley which ensures that the tuition you will recieve at Shinko Aikido WILL be first rate.
We believe that if you are instructed to train on a 'practical' level then you can take that form and tweek it to your personal preference. Sadly in many associations around the world Aikido has picked up bad press by being refered to as 'dancing' due to under qualified instructors failing to teach on a practical level. If you train in this way and suddenly you come to need your Aikido in a conflict situation then you WILL be disappointed with the outcome. We train as if it is real life. If you train this way then you have the edge on any attacker but in all martial arts you must remember,


Pudsey Leisure Centre
Market Square
LS28 9JB

Location: Studio
20:30 Start


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