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Sentou Ryu Jujitsu

Club name: Sentou Ryu Jujitsu

MAR member since 12/08/2009.

Sentou Ryu Jujitsu specialises in the following arts and styles:

Ju Jitsu 
MMA Cross Training 
Street Defence 
Thai Boxing 

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Club contact details:

Valley Leisure Centre
40 Church Road

Contact name: Ralph Duff
Contact telephone: 07988856795
Contact email:

Classes are held on Wed and Thursday in matted hall 1 (directions from receprtion) all are welcome from 6.45 Wed & 6.00 Fri


6.00 - 6.45  Advanced Striking (invitation only)

6.45 - 8.15  Sentou Ryu Kai        (all welcome)


5.15 - 6.00  Advanced Groundwork (invitation only)

6.00 - 6.45  Sentou Ryu Kai        (all welcome)

Established in Northern Ireland in 1996 Sentou Ryu Ju jitsu is unique in that it is a mixed martial that utilizes the most efficient elements of the Japanese, Thai and Brazilian martial arts. Sentou Ryu Jujitsu wile having similarities is not a cage fighting system but a realistic street self defence that understands street violence involves multiple opponents and the threat of weapons and never offers the luxury of tapping out.

Sentou Ryu training pressure tests its techniques within a safe sparring environment to enable its students to deal with the treat of a real street confrontation.


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