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Shinkido Martial Arts Academy

Club name: Shinkido Martial Arts Academy

MAR member since 04/08/2009.

Shinkido Martial Arts Academy specialises in the following arts and styles:

Karate (Shinkido Martial Arts Academy)
Aikido (Shinkido Martial Arts Academy)
Iaido (Shinkido )
Self Defence (Shinkido Ladies Self Defense)

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Club contact details:

Green Gables Business Centre
Kings Road
WR11 3GX

Contact name: Bruce Payne
Contact telephone: 07770931762
Contact email:

Regular weekly classes for small groups "strictly limited numbers" of students of similar ability. Private lessons offering flexible lesson times for those with busy work or family schedules.

High quality tuition in applied martial arts. Improve your fitness, speed and power; learn valuable techniques of self protection as you progress through the structured syllabus of Shinkido Martial Arts Academy


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