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Defendo North West

Club name: Defendo North West

MAR member since 10/07/2009.

Defendo North West specialises in the following arts and styles:

Self Defence (Defendo)

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Wilsmlow High School
Holly Road

Contact name: Nigel Forrest/Jon Good
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Wednesday 7-8 pm at

Wilmslow High School Gym

Just off the A34 Wilsmlow, Cheshire

Defendo is a powerful self-defence tool that the average person can learn in a short space of time, effective regardless of the size, strength and fitness of the exponent or their assailant. The system also serves as a useful add-on an experienced Martial Artist can plug into the system they are already using, to either increase their knowledge of pain compliance, or to add a whole new range of techniques and principles to their repertoire. Defendo is also ideal for law enforcement officers, security personnel and any individual who may have to control a violent member of the public as part of their working day.

Just come along and try it, have fun, scream in pain and go home happy


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