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JirikiMusubi Aikido Dojo

Club name: JirikiMusubi Aikido Dojo

MAR member since 10/02/2009.

JirikiMusubi Aikido Dojo specialises in the following arts and styles:


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Samurai Dojo Warrington, WA5 1PY
Wellfield Street

Contact name: Ben Fitzpatrick
Contact telephone: 07447 912 766
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Jiriki Musubi Dojo classes meet at the following times: -

Every Wednesday
7.30pm - 9.30pm

We are a small and friendly dojo based in Winsford, Cheshire and affiliated to the British Aikido Federation.

Under the expert tuition of Sensei Ben Fitzpatrick, 2nd Dan, we offer the chance to study a unique budo.

Aikido is a non-competitive martial art involving a wide range of techniques that can be used to throw or immobilise an opponent. It helps to develop
a greater understanding of harmony, balance & the dynamics of movement.
Aikido is suitable for both men & women of all ages, as the principles rely on
correct execution of the technique rather than brute strength.


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