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A Huddersfield Kickboxing Club

Club name: A Huddersfield Kickboxing Club

MAR member since 11/01/2009.

A Huddersfield Kickboxing Club specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kickboxing (Freestyle)

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West Yorkshire

Contact name: Rebecca
Contact telephone: 07732801847
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leave your shoes and ego at the door to join in the fun!

What is Practical Kickboxing ?


The style truly does represent the film Kickboxer. It uses a combination of the powerful and devastating techniques used in Muay Thai for a self defence and full contact sport aspect and also the American style kickboxing for a semi and light contact competition alternative. The Practical Kombat Systems element that has been infused into the syllabus incorporates Filipino kickboxing, entries, strikes and defences. In short it can be seen a most comprehensive kickboxing syllabus.

west yorkshire huddersfield Kickboxing

is it just for men?

Practical Kickboxing is not just for men! In fact it is even headed by a female instructor. Unlike other clubs we THINK PINK at Practical Kickboxing! I bet you didn't know that it has been proven that women are in fact more technically accurate when it comes to martial arts.


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