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OKKO Karate Jutsu

Club name: OKKO Karate Jutsu

MAR member since 15/12/2008.

OKKO Karate Jutsu specialises in the following arts and styles:

Karate (Wado Based)
Street Defence (Reality based)
Self Defence (Practcal and Holistic)
Kickboxing (Ring sports)

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Stoke Prior Bromsgrove

Contact name: N Lee
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  • Stoke Prior First school
  • 6pm - 7.30pm £4.50



  • Wychbold Village Hall
  • Little Ninjas,   6pm - 7pm  £4.50
  • Ladies Self Defence   7.30pm - 9pm  £4.50



  • Fernhill Heath War Memorial Hall
  • 4pm - 6pm  £4.00

OKKO Karate Jutsu.

A new breed of Karate club, teaching Function over Form, OKKO Karate Jutsu stands for Open Karate Kickboxing Organisation.

Our Chief Instructor is a highly respected Martial Artist within the reality based methods of Martial Arts, Fully qualified Instructor in Bunkai Jutsu by Sensei Iain Abernethy 5th Dan BCA and worldly Renown author.

He has attained the rank of 3rd Dan BCA under the instruction and guidance of Sensei Iain Abernethy and the British Combat Association, also ranked and certifies as Instructor under the Self Defence Federation under the Highest graded Self Defence Instructor in the country Sensei Dave Turton.

OKKO Karate Jutsu, teach all aspects of Karate Jutsu, within the settings of realisim, line work is NOT done at OKKO, instead ALL students learn the practical nature of the Art.


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