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xtreme kickboxing

Club name: xtreme kickboxing

MAR member since 25/11/2008.

xtreme kickboxing specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kung Fu 

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Club contact details:

maybridge boys club
West Sussex

Contact name: Nick Brewer
Contact telephone: 07793102690

Class's are held Every Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7:30pm till 9pm, they are charged at £3.50 per adult, £2.50 for under 16's, the club boasts a 14ft boxing ring and a variety of hanging bags, we are a pay as you go club there are no monthly fees, all that we ask is that you join the club which is £20 per year.

Tuesdays - Adult Class Kickboxing

Maybridge Boys Club,Durrington

7:30-8:30pmlass Kickboxing

Maybridge Boys Club,Durrington



All Classes Adults £4 / Juniors £3.50

What does it consist of, each lesson is broken down as follows:-

Warm up


Pad Work combinations

Sparring or Pad Drills


The lessons are geared towards teaching you the basic principles of kickboxing, movement,attack,defence and combinations, as you progress the movements you learn will become more instinctive and you will react to attack and defence situations with more ease and of course your entire body will benefit from a total workout, flexibility will increase, stamina, strength and above all self confidence.

We operate a grading syllabus which consists of 6 grades, these can be taken at 6 monthly intervals and are designed to test you mentally and physically, the grades are as follows:-

1st Grade Red Belt

2nd Grade Green Belt

3rd Grade Purple Belt

4th Grade Blue Belt

5th Grade Brown Belt

6th Grade Black Belt

Unlike many other styles we do not have between 10 and 20 grades taken every 8 weeks, with mock grades taken in between, its is about quality not quantity and not profiteering from others lack of understanding or experience


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