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Active dragons kung fu

Club name: Active dragons kung fu

MAR member since 18/08/2008.

Active dragons kung fu specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kung Fu (Feng Yang Sau)
Self Defence (Feng Yang Sau)

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Club contact details:

Loughor Welfare Hall
Woodlands road
West Glamorgan

Contact name: Jason Griffiths
Contact telephone: 07956313994

Loughor Welfare Hall, Swansea, Woodlands road

Monday from 6PM Little dragons(Kids) & Active dragons(Adults)

Thursday From 4.30PM Little Dragons (Kids 5+)

Saturday Seminars + Private lessons on request

Active Dragons Kung Fu teaches kids and adults good quality kung fu at a pace that suits the individual


Our service is to you to learn and develop your kung fu self defence skills


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