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Sung Chuan Shaolin Kung Fu

Club name: Sung Chuan Shaolin Kung Fu

MAR member since 01/08/2008.

Sung Chuan Shaolin Kung Fu specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kung Fu (Shaolin)
Kickboxing (San Shou)
Tai Chi (Yang )

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Club contact details:

Stratton Upper School Leisure Centre
Eagle Farm Road
SG18 8JB

Contact name: Shane
Contact telephone: 07793013420
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Stratton Upper School Leisure Centre


  • 7.00-8.30pm ~ in the Drama Studio


  • 7.00-8.30pm ~ in the Dance Studio


We are a Kung Fu school based in Biggleswade Bedfordshire.

Sung Chuan is a broad based martial arts system incorporating Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese kick boxing. The training also emphasises the internal aspects of the art and includes Chi Kung breathing exercises and Tai Chi.

The training occurs in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere but respect and traditional etiquette is also maintained.

Classes are open to adults and children from 11 years and upwards and cater for beginners through to students with previous experience of martial arts.

So come along and enjoy yourself! At the same time improve your health and fitness through the art of Kung Fu.


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