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Chuldow Martial Arts Black Belt Academy

Club name: Chuldow Martial Arts Black Belt Academy

MAR member since 01/04/2008.

Chuldow Martial Arts Black Belt Academy specialises in the following arts and styles:

Karate (wado-ryu)

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Club contact details:

23 Smyth Street
Town Centre
West Yorkshire
wf4 3fe

Contact name: Ary Hauer
Contact telephone: 01924386606
Contact email:

The Main Academy is located on Smyth Street in Wakefield City Centre.  We are opposite several restaraunts, namely - Quo Vadis, Louies and Indian Palace    

Did you know Chuldow has -
  • Fully experienced and trained Black Belt Instructors
  • CRB checks carried out on all our staff
  • Full instructor Indemnity (NAKMAS)
  • A safe learning environment and surroundings
  • Emergency First Aid trained staff
  • National and International recognition
But also of equal importance is the fact that all our programs are tailored to individual age groups, but if your whole family is wanting to give it a go, then why not join a family class?

Dont just listen to us, listen to the people that count, the people that put their faith and trust in us everyday, the students and parents of CHULDOW MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY. 'We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your instructors for the time and effort you have put into teaching our son.  Erik has developed great admiration and respect for you, the other instructors and the other students.  During his time at Chuldow Academy we have noticed a vast change in Erik's attitude towards himself and others. We feel that the emphasis you place upon good behaviour, courtesy and discipline reinforces the standards we aim to impress upon him at home and has contributed to his current state of well being' Mr & Mrs Atkinson 'Chuldow Martial Arts academy is a very well run, family oriented school, with the development of strong independent children their goal' Mrs Smith 'Most of all, both my children have developed life skills such as discipline, team work, respect, dedication and modesty which have become part and parcel of their everyday lives.  We can heartily recommend Chuldow Martial Arts as a premier professional martial arts school and hope that all who train here enjoy their experience as much as we do' Mr and Mrs Varley 'Chuldow is a family orientated academy, where the student is always the priority.   Encouragement, praise and positivity are the reasons why my children attend Chuldow Academy' The Boys Mum 'Our son Jake has been attending Chuldow for Karate since he was 4 years old.  He is now nearly 13 years old, he attained his black belt in June 2006.  This was a very special moment for us as parents, because Jake has had to overcome many problems both in his health development and school. He is now a very confident child and his development and health are very much improved.  This I am sure is due to so much he has learnt about himself, how to control and understand things, this is down to Master Hauer and his well trained team of instructors for all their help and support over the years' Mr & Mrs Normington 'My child was the target of bullying at school. Mr Hauer gives children the confidence to feel strong and proud of whom they are, he develops their physical and mental wellbeing and guides them in the right direction to becoming a strong positive role model.  My child is now confident, as developed new friends and has overcome the bullying.  Bullying is every parent's nightmare.  Mr Hauer does not encourage children to fight back; he encourages confidence and the ability to defuse negative situations that may arise' Mrs Crawford 'Our son was being bullied at school and it was the lowest point of our lives knowing that we were failing our son by not being able to protect him from the bullies. A friend of ours found out about our predicament and told us about a husband and wife partnership who are child coaches and teach the martial arts to children. I was hesitant as I used to be a Karate instructor who used to teach classes in old church halls so I knew first hand how children are neglected when supposedly being taught in these old damp buildings by instructors who have little if any life skills that are appropriate to the well being of young children. I contacted Mrs Hauer and explained what was happening with my son at school; she was sympathetic and offered my son a free trial with no commitments. The following evening myself my wife and son along with my  pre formed opinion attended the Chuldow Martial Arts Academy…………. WOW…………. We were greeted with a professionalism that belies anything that I have experienced within 30 years of my association with the martial arts, Jon our 6 year old son, was treated as a young individual and was welcomed into a class of 30 5 and 6 year old children who stood tall and proud and had a confidence, (not cockiness) that I have not seen among many adults. The level of respect that is awarded Mr and Mrs Hauer at the Academy and within the community is second to none and well deserved. Mr and Mrs Hauer thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my son his life back and allowing my wife and I the honour of  telling other people through the media of print to how you have changed our lives and how you much good you do for the students and also the community of Wakefield' Mr C


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