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Way of the Spiritual Warrior

Club name: Way of the Spiritual Warrior

MAR member since 28/03/2008.

Way of the Spiritual Warrior specialises in the following arts and styles:

Grappling (Ju Jitsu)
Karate (Shotokan, Wado ryu and Goju)
Self Defence (BCA)

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Club contact details:

Unit SF1 Little Heath Industrial Est
Old Church Rd
West Midlands
Cv6 7NB

Contact name: Anthony pillage
Contact telephone: 02476 331239
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Open 7 days a week in Coventry's number 1 fill time centre

The Way of the Spiritual Warrior Martial Arts School can rightly claim to be the number one full time Centre of Excellence in Coventry after having won both the 2007 and 2008 Best Leisure Business Award voted for by the people of Coventry. We offer a bespoke facility for you to learn the arts of Self / Street Defence, Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Grappling, Jeet Kun Do (JKD) Bruce Lee's style, Weapons and Shotokan - Goju Ryu Karate Do. The Way of the Spiritual Warrior is the the best known school in the area, dedicated to making your Martial Arts experience both empowering and of course totally safe. Our Chief Instructor Anthony Pillage has won the Martial arts Club Coach of the Year, appeared on the BBC (for his work combating knife crime), ITV as well having a regular slot on Kerrang Radio. His work can also be found on World of Martial Arts TV, Martial Arts Illustrated / Combat Magazines and is a published Martial Arts Author. The club's reputation has enabled it to host world class seminars in Coventry with the likes of UFC and grappling legend Royce Gracie in attendance. In addition we are the only club in the area to hold the prestigious MASA kitemark of excellence. The academy has over 300 members, and is one of the largest schools of martial arts in the West Midlands. All the classes will increase your fitness, help with weight loss issues and build confidence as well as learning how to defend yourself or your loved ones in todays sometimes hazardous society. We have specialist classes for all ages including the Little (lil) Dragon Class for 4 to 9 years olds. We offer leadership development for 9 to 16 years old and adult classes for 16 to 65 year olds. You also get to keep your grade that you have previously achieved. The children's classes concentrate on the basics of kickboxing, kids karate and stranger escapes from Ju Jitsu. Whilst the adults are more based around street \ self defense, karate, Jeet Kun Do and grappling. We also run specialist classes for those wishing to explore the exciting world of MMA (mixed martial arts). Children's classes are not just about kicking and punching. Our award winning programme will teach them essentials such as anti - bullying, internet safety, stranger danger all set in a fully matted and safe arena, complete with a boxing ring and all the equipment you could imagine. All instructors have enhanced CRB Police Checks, proper insurance, Coaching qualifications and are dedicated to making you feel at ease. Beginners through to Black Belts are extremely welcome. For more information please feel free to give us a call on 024 7633 1239


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