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Andys-Style Aikido

Club name: Andys-Style Aikido

MAR member since 19/02/2008.

Andys-Style Aikido specialises in the following arts and styles:

Aikido (Traditional)
Street Defence (Street Self Defence)
Self Defence 

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Club contact details:

Coventry Sports & Leisure Centre
Fairfax Street
West Midlands

Contact name: Andy McLean
Contact telephone: 024 7668 5243
Contact email:

Classes in Studio 2
Saturday 5yrs-11yrs
             14.30-15.30 12yrs-Adult

As well as Aikido Sensei Andy McLean has trained extensively in the Mixed Martial Arts and Geoff Thompson Real Self Defence system under Matty Evans, Tony Somers, Justin Gray and Geoff himself. He has also studied Boxing, Systema and Tae Kwon Do. He brings all this knowledge into his classes for a modern take on Aikido for real street self defence as well as studying the traditional aspects of Aikido.


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