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Truro Samurai Arts

Club name: Truro Samurai Arts

MAR member since 12/12/2007.

Truro Samurai Arts specialises in the following arts and styles:

Aikido (Mixed Traditional)

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The Comunity Center
PL22 0EP

Contact name: Richard Mann
Contact telephone: 07900974828
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he Truro Samurai Arts Dojo runs classes in two traditional forms of martial arts, Aikido and Shinkendo. Both these arts originate from the Samurai and the arts of their time.

We like to think our approuch to teaching martial arts is an open one, allowing student to first get a solid foundation of the basics and then move that into many other aspects of their every day activities. New commers are welcome at the club and should not fear stepping on the mat for the first time. Classes are tought at all levels with the aim of enabling you to get something out of every class.


Our Aikido association is with the Kai Shin Kai (KSK), which practice in various forms of traditional Aikido. We heavily encourage the use of many different forms, from both within Aikido and other influences, to achieve the best possible result for each individual.

As a defensive martial art, Aikido concentrates on the use of your opponents own strength and momentum against them, nurturing the concept of your own circle of influence, inside which you are calm and in control.

Currently, classes run on Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm at the Lostwithiel Comunity Center. All skill and fitness levels are welcome.


Classes in Shinkendo are also run for those interested in the use of weapons, more specifically Japanese swords (Katana and Wakasashi). This martial art focuses on discipline in training and the proper use of the Katana by way of Kata (Tanrengata), paired contact practice (Tachiuchi) and eventually live test cutting (Tameshigiri).

Lead by Obata-sama, this art is highly dynamic and encourages confidence and fluidity of movement.

Currently, classes run on Mondays from 8pm to 9:30pm at the Lostwithiel Comunity Center. All skill and fitness levels are welcome.


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