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Prokick Gym

Club name: Prokick Gym

MAR member since 21/11/2007.

Prokick Gym specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kickboxing (Full contact)
Thai Boxing (Full Contact)
Self Defence 
Ju Jitsu 

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Club contact details:

Wilgar Street

Contact name: Billy Murray
Contact telephone: 028 9065 1074
Contact fax: 028 9065 6415
Contact email:

Prokick currently run 3 classes per day Mon-Sat with extra classes throughout the day.

The gym is open from 9am-4pm for members only free of charge.


Prokick is five minutes drive from Belfast city centre, the largest city in Northern Ireland.

It is situated on Wilgar Street, beside Dundela football ground on the Hollywood Road.

Belfast City Airport is only five minutes drive away in east Belfast and there are good connections from there by bus and train to the city centre.

Aldergrove International Airport is in County Antrim, 20 minutes from the city centre and is also well served by a bus link.

The main train stations, Central and Great Victoria Street, are near bus links which can take you to Prokick.

ProKick kickboxing school of excellence teaches kickboxing, Thaiboxing, self defence and Muay Thai for fitness and competition. Check out our kickboxing DVD's videos, martial arts equipment and events.

Beginners class start frequently.

Whether you want to become champion of the world, or just simply to get in better shape, Prokick offers a fitness and health programme that anyone can follow - even if you haven't taken any exercise in years.

Prokick's doors are open to everyone, no matter what their age, no matter what their ability.

New junior classes for 6-12 year olds are starting all the time throughout the year.


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