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Cambridge Kung Fu

Club name: Cambridge Kung Fu

MAR member since 05/11/2007.

Cambridge Kung Fu specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kung Fu (Wing Chun)
Tai Chi 

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31C Clifton Road

Contact name: Steve Sargent
Contact telephone: 01223 410555
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  • The aim of Cambridge Kung Fu is to support the building of self confidence, in the individual, and in the community.
  • Cambridge Kung Fu provides a positive, intelligent, and relaxed environment in which to learn and develop a deeper understanding and awareness of life and the world you live in.
  • Training with Cambridge Kung Fu will help enable you to overcome life's day-to-day frustrations and achieve your long term goals more effectively, through specific physical, mental, and emotional training exercises and movement.

When most people think of Martial Arts, they often think of Self Defence, or Health and Fitness.  At Cambridge Kung Fu we certainly provide this, however our aims are to go further and deeper than this.  The philosophy of the the martial arts we teach are about overcoming the obstacles that we face throughout our life in the most effective method possible.  Conflict in all it's forms; physical, mental or emotional is one of life's great obstacles, and one that generates massive anxiety in our society.



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