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Saber taekwondo

Club name: Saber taekwondo

MAR member since 25/10/2007.

Saber taekwondo specialises in the following arts and styles:

Tae Kwon-do 

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Kirkgate & Windhill community centres
West Yorkshire

Contact name: Glen Warne
Contact telephone: 07923901719
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Saber Taekwondo, We have been established for over 11 years, and in that time achieved great success at both national and international level.
Students are instructed in W.T.F style of Taekwondo and self-defence which is a more modern approach 
We encourage discipline and self control to all our members to make every session as relaxed and enjoyable as possible to help bring out the best in our members.
The Saber Taekwondo clubs were set up to promote Taekwondo to the public and offers a chance to make new friends, Fitness, Self-defence, competitions and a range of seminars to suit all.
The Chief instructor is Master Glen Warne who is a 4th Dan black belt and has been teaching for a number of years throughout the West Yorkshire area. Master Warne has trained with some of the worlds best instructors over his time and has also trained in korea with a host of world-renowned instructors.
Master Warne is a fully qualified instructor with in the British Taekwondo Control Board and B.T.C, which are the governing body for Olympic Taekwondo. He is also fully insured and C.R.B check and has a wealth of experience in teaching both, children and adults, Male or Female.
Grading's are held at regular times of the year and students are invited to attend competition, seminars and special events throughout they're time with Saber tkd.
So why not join us and see the benefits you will gain as a member not only in making new friends, but also to your health and well-being.


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