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Nippon Dojo

Club name: Nippon Dojo

MAR member since 24/09/2007.

Nippon Dojo specialises in the following arts and styles:

Ninjutsu (Bujinkan)
Kung Fu (Lau Gar)
Kickboxing (Muay Thai)

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Club contact details:

15 Shetland Close
Leigh Park

Contact name: Paul Anastassi
Contact telephone: 07917 780423
Contact email:

This is a private self defence club, admission strictly by appointment only, successfull applicants will undertake a written aptitude test prior to any training. This club has no fees associated to it and is exclusive to students at the descretion of the owner/trainer. Only genuine people with the right attiotude will be permitted to participate in this very exclusive group.


The trainer is a long accomplished Martial Artist with over 20 years of experiance and over 10 years of exclusive teaching. Starting out from the acclaimed school of Lau Gar Kung Fu, where he trained with the world champion Nevil Ray, then later moving to the Bujinkan Brian Dojo under the instruction of Norman Smithers until 1991 when Brian McCarthy split form the Bujinkan association, he continued down the Bujinkan route follwing Hatsumi, the genius, and fulfilling a dream of training with the master himself for 18 months in Japan. After a brief interlude returning to the Martial arts scene in 1998 with a baptism of fire in Bankok and the Muay Thai scene.

The school itself concentrates on the Hisort of Martial Science and the evolution of the cultures that surround it, it is spiritual, and methodical, not for the "glory boy's", very diceplined and integrity are amoung the highest of its values, many teachings are based around the Bujinkan art, but and open mind is maintained, this class is as much spiritual as it is physical, be warned!

On occasion trips and exclusive visits to non public events will be possible, and in some cases required, participation may also be an option to some exclusive students.

Please send details of yourself and most importantly te reasons for why you wish to undertake this exclusive offer, remember grades are of little importance and belts are for holding up your trousers, so be precise in your infromation.   


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