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Club name: WingTsun Martial arts Schools

MAR member since 31/07/2007.

WingTsun Martial arts Schools specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kung Fu (Wing Chun)

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Little London Primary School
Little London
West Yorkshire

Contact name: Barry Wells
Contact telephone: 07979206757
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For time table and direction please contact the school

Hello my name's Barry, I'm 26 years old and have moved to the north in order to start spreading the passion I have for WingTsun Kung Fu.

We started in Leeds in January 2007, we've had such a great responce that we have expanded to York as well.

WingTsun is a truly fascinating and sophisticated martial art which appeals to men and women of a wide variety of ages.

Renowned for being an efficient self-defence system and an in-depth martial art which can be studied and enjoyed for many years, WingTsun has a universal appeal.

Take advantage of one months free membership and come down to the school, see what we have to offer and see how our students develop in the WingTsun System.

Little Dragons 4-6 years old
Juniors 6-13 Years old
Adults 14+


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