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Worcester Wado-Ryu

Club name: Worcester Wado-Ryu

MAR member since 15/07/2007.

Worcester Wado-Ryu specialises in the following arts and styles:

Karate (Wado-Ryu)

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Nunnery Wood Sports Complex
Spetchley Road

Contact name: Mike Pogose
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Saturday at Nunnery Wood Sports Complex, Spetchley Road

Beginners all ages                           2-3pm

Adult beginners and higher grades      3-4pm

Higher grades                                 4-5pm

Wednesday at Red Hill C of E Primary School, Midhurst Close

All students including beginners           6-7pm

Adult beginners and higher grades        7-9pm

Worcester Wado-Ryu was established in 1985 by Humphrey Arnett, the Club Instructor.  Humphrey Sensei is assisted by Mike Pogose & Dave Creese.  All three were students of the late Toru Takamizawa, 7th Dan Kyoshi.

The emphasis on training is the development of character, especially a strong will and positive attitude.  This is achieved through firm training in the tradition of Japanese martial arts with the development of each student’s self-defence skills.


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