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Shaolin Kickboxing Centre

Club name: Shaolin Kickboxing Centre

MAR member since 30/03/2007.

Shaolin Kickboxing Centre specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kung Fu 

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36 Silkfield Road Colindale
Nw9 6qu

Contact name: Mr Kingsley Morgan Chief Instructor
Contact telephone: 07904 079 147
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Get Fit and Learn to Defend Yourself

Traditionally inspired but brought bang up to date by Chief Instructor Kingsley Morgan Shaolin Kickboxing is an exciting way to learn martial arts.

With classes in London, Middlesex and Herts we teach a structured system of self defence and practical fighting in a warm and family-friendly environment.

Physical fitness, strength and flexibility are key. Shaolin Kickboxing techniques help promote weight loss and tone the body.

Learning the system will develop your confidence and self esteem

All ages and all levels welcome, including beginners.

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