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Birmingham Krav Maga

Club name: Birmingham Krav Maga

MAR member since 08/03/2007.

Birmingham Krav Maga specialises in the following arts and styles:

Krav Maga 
MMA Cross Training 
Ju Jitsu 

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Club contact details:

Stevie B`s Gym
Station Rd
Acocks Green
West Midlands

Contact name: Steve Maycock
Contact telephone: 07956 595224
Contact email:

New students attend an Induction Workshop prior to attending the 8 weeks Beginners Programme(Thurs 8.15-9.15pm).From there, graduating onto the General Class(Tues 7.15-8.15pm).After a further 3 months progressing onto Intermediate classes.All classes develop fitness and self defence skills.A class is also available offering sparring and grappling.Krav Maga takes ones natural reactions and refines and polishes them into an instinctive and highly effective self defence system that is suitable for both men and women.Krav Maga is taught to civilians,law enforcement agencies,military units and Bodyguards worlwide and is characterised by its instinctive ,logical no -nonsense approach.

The Club Instructor has extensive experience teaching Krav Maga.He is also highly graded in Ju-Jitsu and has extensive experience in many other combat systems.

Tuition is also available via 121 tuition


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