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St.Neots Qi Kwan Do Black Belt School

Club name: St.Neots Qi Kwan Do Black Belt School

MAR member since 22/01/2007.

St.Neots Qi Kwan Do Black Belt School specialises in the following arts and styles:

Korean (Qi Kwan Do)
Street Defence (Qi Kwan Do)
Self Defence (Qi Kwan Do)

Web address:

Club contact details:

St.Neots Leisure Centre
Barford Road

Contact name: Gary Coles
Contact telephone: 0800 0430 263
Contact email:

Various programs and class times are available.  Classes start at 3.30 in the week and 11am on Saturdays.  Please contact Gary Coles for which class is best for you.

Although a new name, Qi Kwan Do is a fresh and exciting style of martial art.  Physically, it is one of the most powerfull and with no rigid, lock-out style movements is very safe for your body.  Our Leadership program concentrates on the non-physical side of martial arts and includes improving your communication skills, helping children to avoid unhealthy peer pressures, helping students to grow in confidence and achieve their dreams and goals. 

Qi Kwan Do offers a FREE 30 day no risk, no obligation trial to anybody who is interested.  Should enrolling make sense you could also get a FREE uniform.

Please contact Gary Coles today to find out more.  Call FREEPHONE 0800 0430 263 or visit  We look forward to meeting you and your family.


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