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Way of the Spiritual Warrior

Club name: Way of the Spiritual Warrior

MAR member since 08/10/2006.

Way of the Spiritual Warrior specialises in the following arts and styles:

Karate (Jutsu)
Kickboxing (Freestyle)
MMA Cross Training (OCFM)

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Unit Sf1 Little Heath Enterprise Park
Old Church Rd
West Midlands
Cv6 7NB

Contact name: Anthony Pillage
Contact telephone: 02476 331239
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Open 7 days a week check for timings on


Little Dragons  4 to 7 years

Children should be:
Well behaved
Community minded

Our Little Dragons classes help develop the skills to make that happen, taught by experienced instructors covering a broad martial arts base means that the kids have fun and are being prepared to enjoy a lifetime in the Martial Arts.

This is an exciting educational program designed to enhance the life skills that your child requires, whilst at the same time helping your child to become fitter, more re disciplined and to avoid peer pressure through our unique Martial Arts Training Program.

Martial Arts training simply serves as a vehicle to instil values and skills that children can put to use outside of the Martial Arts School. Skills like: Self-Confidence, Self-Control, and Positive Thinking; Listening Skills, Respect and Good Manners. The Ability to Focus Attention; Perseverance and Courage. The core of martial arts stresses the vital importance of a healthy mind and body necessary to lead a productive life.
Classes are on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5.00pm. Saturdays at 11.00am

Junior Dragons 7 - 11 years
Our Junior Dragons take the skills taught in the infants and build on them. They need to develop the skills of
Skill learning
Anti bullying
Stranger danger
Community spirit

Juniors are given broad based martial arts training designed to provide the children with a good solid base in the Martial Arts and help them enjoy a life of health, skill and lifelong friendship. Grades achieved in these classes are carried on into the adult classes. This program benefits from all of the above with a stronger emphasis on the physical training.

Classes are on every day of the week.            Click here for  timetable

Senior Dragons  Classes 11-16 year olds

Anti- Drugs
Anti bullying
Stranger danger
Community spirit


Monday 6.00pm, Tues 6.00pm and Thursday at 6.00pm

Family Classes
We know how difficult it can be to find those precious bonding time moments with your children or you are really pushed for time. On a Wednesday evening we have specialist family classes aimed at  Mums and Dads training with their children. As we realise that adults and kids needs are different we have 2 coaches teaching on different mats in the same hall. So you get the training that you need....not a system watered down to suit its youngest members !!

Wednesdays 7.00-7.45pm

Women's only classes
We are also in the process of starting Ladies only sessions as it has been proven that this type of training can help you burn up to 900 Calories in one HOUR and our research has shown that many women are put off by the image of a testosterone fuelled training session. So if you are bored by the Gym and Step Aerobics we can offer weight loss and keep fit whilst learning skill that may one day save your life or that of your child. Whatsmore its great fun !!

Monday 8.00pm - 8.45pm

The Martial Arts taught at the Centre is broad based and covers the following disciplines Kickboxing, Karate, Jeet Kun Do, Weapons, Street Defence and Tae Kwon Do.  Our student base is approximately half male and half female.  The programme b
egins with kicking and boxing using pads and bags to develop the basic fitness, power, guard, techniques and principles required for self defence.  We move on to close quarter, using the elbows, knees and basic locks and grappling needed for that 'close up' hitting, escaping and restraining when confrontation and 'dirty fighting' is unavoidable.

As you progress the skills become more refined working on   that which which makes your body stronger, such as posture, breathing, mental intention, skill and technique and that which makes the opponent weaker, such as mental intimidation, vital point striking, pressure points, joint locking, dislocation, throwing, choking, and strangulation.  Our chief instructor teaches members of West Midlands Fire Service and Police and is well renowned for his seminars and  magazine articles over the last few years.  Therefore the system we teach is highly acclaimed and regularly field tested for it's effectiveness!
Beginners Classes are on a Monday, Thursday and Sunday evening at 7.00pm.  For more advanced classes catering for established Martial Artists looking for new exciting training programmes please see our timetable.



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