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Kane Academy of Martial Arts

Club name: Kane Academy of Martial Arts

MAR member since 27/09/2006.

Kane Academy of Martial Arts specialises in the following arts and styles:

Karate (Kombat)
Kickboxing (Filipino)
Eskrima (Rapid Arnis)
Self Defence (Women only and mixed Classes)

Web address:

Club contact details:

Various Addresses please see
website for current details
More than one
West Yorkshire

Contact name: Rebecca
Contact telephone: 07732801847
Contact email:

Please see the following websites for full listings of the classes on offer.

**New classes are now available for children aged 4 - 6 year old.**

Kombat Karate classes available for children aged 7 - 16 years old.

**Self Defence and fitness classes available for Women by female instructor.**

Eskrima/ Kali Arnis classes taught by arnis world champion. 

Mixed kombat karate classes available for Adults.



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