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Harimau MInangkabau Silat Midlands

Club name: Harimau MInangkabau Silat Midlands

MAR member since 08/09/2006.

Harimau MInangkabau Silat Midlands specialises in the following arts and styles:


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48-50 Birmingham Road
Water Orton
West Midlands
b46 1pe

Contact name: glen lloyd
Contact telephone: 01217485493
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The club is part of the de-bordes foundation and has been running approx 6 months. We operate on a private level and only accept students who are serious dedicated  outlook. The system of silat is Harimau which emphasize's low postures and ground fighting techniques, but we are not grappling based. The harimau persilat will use ground & upright techniques to the job done quickest & safest way with out injury. We blend  the setia hati & Harimau system seamlessly. This form of silat is one of hardest to under take, body conditioning, leg strenght and internal breath form some of the major components before any combat can take place. if your interested in learning then an application with your martial cv would appriecated to the above email address.





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