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Chidokan Iaid dojo

Club name: Chidokan Iaid dojo

MAR member since 28/08/2006.

Chidokan Iaid dojo specialises in the following arts and styles:


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Teesside University

Contact name: Tim Hamilton
Contact telephone: 01325 250774
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Monday 6:30 - 9 pm

Wednesday 7 - 9 pm

Saturday 7 - 9 pm

Senior instructor: Tim Hamilton 5th dan

The style of iaido studied is Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu as taught by Iwata Norikazu sensei, and the club is a member of the Roshukai group founded by him. The club organises regular seminars and brings teachers from Japan on a yearly basis. In addition visits to Japan are organised and help given to those who wish to travel outside regular seminar times.

The dojo is obviously biased to junior students from the University, however there are long term local students who practise there. The club is also open to anyone with a serious interest in iaido, regardless of association, grade, or style. The hall is open to anyone who wishes to practise a japanese sword related art as long as they are insured and stick to sensible safety guidelines.


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