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Korean Panthers Schoolof martial arts

Club name: Korean Panthers Schoolof martial arts

MAR member since 22/08/2006.

Korean Panthers Schoolof martial arts specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kickboxing ( BKMA)
Self Defence ( )
Tae Kwon-do (ITF)
Ju Jitsu ( )

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Club contact details:

West morland Pavilion

Contact name: Mr Louis MacDonald
Contact telephone: 01189732633
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Tuesday evenings


Korean panthers KickBoxing involves using the body to the maximum .

Not just relying on the use of punching and basic kicks.  We utalise the body to the maximum creating maximum impact for martial arts self defense.  Incoropreating traditional moves from Itf Taekwon-do , kickboxing, with throws holds and locks. makes Korean Panthers Kickboxing a system that can be learnt by anyone
( any shape size, age.)

Our aim is to sharpen your kickboxing and self defense skills weather you want to compete or just intrestead in self protection and fitness.

Please come to one of our classes near you soon to watch or take part in this exciting combat art, Please call ahead of attend ing class session for more infomation.

Class Rules

1. Please wear loose clothing bring water
2. Respect instructors and seniors
3. never misue the arts taught
4.Have FUN!!! but work hard


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