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Tai Sabaki Do Karate/Self Defence

Club name: Tai Sabaki Do Karate/Self Defence

MAR member since 03/05/2006.

Tai Sabaki Do Karate/Self Defence specialises in the following arts and styles:

Karate (Wado variant)
Self Defence 

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Club contact details:

Holt Park Leisure Centre
Holt Road
West Yorkshire
LS16 7QD

Contact name: Phil Knight
Contact telephone: 0776 4466510
Contact fax: 0113 2503119
Contact email:

We train twice weekly at Holt Park
Tuesday & Fridays 7.30pm to 8.30opm 

"Tai Sabaki Do" literally means  "the way of the avoiding body" and our style is founded on the kicking/punching and katas of Wado Ryu adapted to a 21st century self defence style.

We practice a range of self delense applications including : weapons and multiple attackers as well as the more traditional basics and kata's. We do not practice kumite or sparring as part of our grading syllabi but do occasional spar to teach focus and controlled aggression.

The club has been running for nearly 40 years our black belt instructors include : Sensei Eric Davison, Sensei Philip Knight, Sensei Balhar Bhacu and Sensei Jack Hartley and are founder members of the Amateur Martial Association in Yorkshire.


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